About the Artist

Born in 1982, in Melbourne Australia, Kuba is an artist working in the area of visionary/mystic art. Much of Kuba’s art is inspired by dreams, visions as well as passages of wisdom from the Christian tradition. 

Kuba studied painting at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In 2007 he travelled to Europe to study the technique of oil and egg tempera painting with the Austrian artist Prof. Ernst Fuchs. Since 2010 he has facilitated numerous sacred art workshops in Bali, Australia, Italy, Austria & Belgium.

Currently Kuba works as a teacher at the Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna.

My art is an attempt to unify and harmonize the seemingly opposing forces within, to arrive at balance and stillness. The paintings are a sort of log book of my inner journeys and of the search for deeper meaning. Often I’ll begin an artwork with a key phrase or central theme and later that is expanded upon through the play of the imagination.

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