Adam Kadmon

Adam Kadmon – The Vine of Adam

  Top left: ‘The Vine of Adam’ oil and tempera on linen – completed painting of Adam Kadmon the Cosmic Man.

Bottom left: ‘Adam Kadmon’ oil and egg tempera on wood – first study of Adam Kadmon

Painting Adam Kadmon

While working as an assistant painter in Austria I had a vision of one day painting large panels representing the ‘universal man’ Adam Kadmon in my hometown Melbourne, Australia. My understanding of who or what Adam Kadmon is, was very limited yet a deep interest in the subject developed. Prior to this I had also been interested in uncovering the meaning of Christ’s words ‘I am the vine and you are the branches’. I believed that this short passage hinted towards a harmonic unity which could in some ways correlate with many of the eastern concepts of ‘all being one” and all being connected within the oneness. I discovered similarities within Swedenborg‘s concepts of the ‘Grand Man of Heaven’ as well as in the writings of the Bhagavad Gita. Although the mind likes to understand these things intellectually, the actual experiential reality of these truths transcends the level of mind.

In 2008 I returned to Melbourne to begin an eight month period of work as a picture framer and art restorer. Many hours were spent in silent prayer, working in the slow paced and mostly solitary job. I asked God for guidance and direction, to be of service as best I could within my capacity through a surrender of will. During the time I met a woman who became my partner. Shortly after our meeting Charmaine began receiving messages from beings of a higher consciousness. The first messages came from my past relatives and later from angelic beings and a number of artists from the past. On the 15th of October 2008 Charmaine had a dream in which Adam Kadmon made his first symbolic appearance. In the dream we were informed by Adam that we would be working together with him. Two days later she received the first of many chanellings. Adam Kadmon told us that we had made a soul contract prior to incarnating which involved painting an image of his form and sharing information about the reality of his existence. Due to my doubts and reservations it would be 3 years before I completed the painting ‘The Vine of Adam’. A number of chanellings are transcribed below. The full account of our experiences and messages will be published in the upcoming book ‘The Vine of Adam’.

October 17th 2008 – ‘Adam Kadmon’ – First Message

We decided to sleep outside in the circle on Charmaine’s property and connected by the fire. Charmaine began receiving messages from Adam Kadmon but they were of a very high frequency and didn’t come through clearly so we went to bed. I asked “Why don’t you ask Creator about Adam Kadmon?” She said its a good idea. In an instant she made contact with Adam Kadmon. Adam looked like a universe then flashed like a light bulb ‘pulsated’ golden white light. Each time he flashed, a giant figure of a man was visible. I felt an incredibly strong energy in my body, it was as though the very cells in my body were being compressed. It felt strangely familiar. As Charmaine tuned into his frequency we began a dialogue with the Cosmic Man:

Adam Kadmon:  “I am you, we are one‘”

Charmaine: “How do I know it is really you can you prove it?”

Adam Kadmon: “The law of the universe which states ‘When asked for thy name Thou must giveth”.

Kuba: “Can I see you?”

Adam Kadmon: “You are not yet ready to see my form”

Kuba: “Will you become manifest in physical reality in the future?”

Adam Kadmon: “There is no need for me to become physically present in your reality/world”

Kuba: “Am I meant to paint you? Do you want me to paint you? Is it my destiny to paint you?

Adam Kadmon: “ You will paint me within one year of this day”

Kuba: “Are you related to Adam the first man?”

Adam Kadmon: “We are all related to Adam the first man”

Kuba: “I feel honored to be chosen to paint you”

Adam Kadmon: “I already know.”

Kuba: “Why do you want me to paint you?’

Adam Kadmon: “It is time for my form to be known in your 3d/ physical reality”.

Kuba: “I know this feeling, this feeling is familiar”

Adam Kadmon: “I visited you 3 times in the past. At age 4, 6 and 10.”

Kuba: “Is there anything else i should know at this time?”

Adam Kadmon: “Yes, you are loved”

Kuba: “Is there something in the art of the Aboriginal people which relates to your form?

Adam Kadmon: “It does relate to it but not directly, it relates to it in a way”.

The sensation of Adam Kadmon’s presence was extremely intense, his energy felt overpowering but not painful. I felt like my body weighed a million tons and was pulled down. Like some giant soft foot was standing upon me. I felt like surrendering yet didn’t fully. I remembered the feeling as I had experienced it before. I would later experience this sensation many times when Adam connected with us, I felt that he was preparing us energetically to be able to embody his energy to connect to us. Charmaine also saw a glowing white figure dressed in a robe. A gold band went down the front of his chest. Two angels stood by his sides.

October 2008 – Adam Kadmon – The Task

Adam Kadmon once again came through and more information was given about our task.

It is important that the two of you work as a team, that Charmaine will channel me Adam Kadmon, and Kuba you will draw me. Trust is of most importance to God and to each other, doubt must dissolve into love of each other and love of God. What will be revealed is of most importance to each other’s spiritual development and to the spiritual development of all brothers and sisters as is for earth and the new vibration frequencies.

Charmaine you are to be of service to God, and your fellow humanity brothers and sisters, Kuba you are of service and continue with your will. 

The two of you have been brought together by the higher orders to carry out God’s divine will, that of life on earth as it is in heaven, and that of love. Both have insecurities and doubts, about love and each other, dissolve these into love for each other, and love towards your heavenly father. Charmaine, you doubt if Kuba is the right partner for you, I am here to advise you that yes he is, that all your doubts will be dissolved as this is your desire. Kuba, you are now opening in the light of heart, Charmaine compliments you in all your desires, and all your work, ensure that you open to her, as you do God, as she will open doors for both of your fulfillment. Each to one, and one to all. Charmaine, align your will with the will of God, this is done so with intention, then align your will with that of your partner, Kuba, as if this is also his will then together as one will, one divine compliment will carry out God’s plan, as divine flames of love.”

Charmaine: “How do i know that I am talking with Adam Kadmon?”

Adam Kadmon: ‘It need not matter my name, as I am you.”

Kuba: “Adam I want to talk to you”.

Adam Kadmon: “You are talking to me , what is your question Kuba?”

Kuba: “What are you made of?”

Adam Kadmon: “I am light, I am”.

Charmaine: “Kuba has asked me how to fill the painting.”

Adam Kadmon: “I will reveal myself in time…..”

Adam Kadmon: (In response to a question) “The star and shapes are grids that connects us all together, shapes, lights, vibrations, connecting and enabling us to be linked to each other and to God, each passes messages of light, colour vibrations, you too are connected to this grid, as are able to access information via this grid, it is what links us all together and to God the Creator.”

Kuba: “What does the diamond mean?” (I had been seeing this symbol in my inner vision for weeks).

Adam Kadmon:“It represents the crown chakra in humans, universal cosmic consciousness, God consciousness, look closing (closely?) at a diamond point, it reflects many different points, reflecting all colours of the rainbow in all directions yet it one, it is connected to the whole, yet reflecting in all different directions and shapes.This is also true for the diamond head of a human chakra, all are connected all are one, reflecting in different shapes, colours and form, all connected yet vibrating at different peaks.”

Adam Kadmon – Alignment of Wills and Hearts, Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, November 12th 2008 – 6.20pm

(Charmaine writing)

Just after I felt all cords between myself and Kuba dissolve, I felt light penetrating my heart, it was light, and of  a high vibration/frequency. Initially I thought that it was Kuba reconnecting the cords, however I came to realize it was not. The energy consciousness who I now know as Adam advised: That it was important to keep cords between Kuba and myself, I felt the consciousness enter into my heart then align with each of the chakras. When I asked why these cords were important the answer I received was:

Adam Kadmon: “Because you are twin rays, unity between you is important. You must unify in the light of God, two must become one Charmaine. Fears must dissolve into higher vibrations of love. Doubts must become non existent. As each of you unify and bathe in God’s glory and love as man and woman. Omega and alpha, and divine masculine/feminine. Be the beacon of which light and love flows, be God’s children in heaven on earth. Freedom begins when you both make the conscious choice to align completely  into each other and into God. Adam Kadmon, I will support you both, as twin rays experiencing and remembering. Must continue to work through all that is of a lower vibration and bring more of yourselves into love and into God’s Kingdom, with me you have such divine rights.”

Adam then went on to advise that I need to cleanse my body to enable me to reach higher frequencies that enable clear channels of transmissions. He mentioned that he was providing me with more activations, I felt my legs vibrate when he mentioned this, when I asked him what these activations were for, the answer came through as to enable me to become part of his blueprint that enables me to understand more about him. He then began to talk about the tree of life being inside the human body as a consciousness reaching different plains towards God Creator before I lost touch.”

Charmaine: “Adam I’m afraid of aligning with Kuba, Im afraid of what that really means please explain?”.

Adam Kadmon: ‘It means Charmaine to trust in to each other and God, for all is of loving nature you are both ready and have asked for this. When faith and trust is expressed then you will understand the divine nature of all that is.”

Charmaine: “What then?”

Adam Kadmon “As energy reconnecting and emerging you will begin to experience the oneness with each other and with all that is, no longer will each of you suffer from ill health will be predominate. You will become beacons of love and light, experiencing joy and happiness, playing in God’s Kingdom, experiencing earth.”

Charmaine: ‘How will we do this….I have a child, we have earthly duties?’

Adam Kadmon “Bring your hearts into alignment.”

Charmaine: “What if our minds want different things, our will different things…?”

Adam Kadmon “What is of importance to you? Earthly pleasures, or serious towards God? Which will you choose?”

Charmaine “I feel uncomfortable with dictatorship.”

Adam Kadmon “God nor I would ask you to go against your own free will, but rather to align with the will of God, for as his children this is your most greatest gifts that our father God can give us.”

Adam Kadmon – Painting, love, keys to the heart… (November – December 2008)

Adam Kadmon: “Hello again Charmaine and Kuba, Adam Kadmon present, you both are healing well, doubts and fears are dissolving more love is present. You ask me so much of who I am and what I represent, yet you ask me the wrong questions. I am you and you are me, there is no difference between us, only what the mind conjures up. Many seek me and yet they wonder too far, when I am always here in you. You ask me of my image Kuba and when and if you will paint me, your search is almost done young one. Keep finding those keys to your heart, unlock it in every area of your life and you will find your place with God, you will find what it is that you seek, one’s love and heaven on earth.”

Adam Kadmon December 20th

Adam Kadmon gave us the title of his painting – ‘ THE VINE OF ADAM’.

Adam Kadmon – December 30th 2008

Charmaine writes:

Charmaine: Feeling a strong energy around my third eye, a channelling coming through. I ask who are you?

Adam Kadmon: “I am you”

Charmaine: “Adam?”

Adam Kadmon: “Yes”.

Adam Kadmon: “You and Kuba are more than lovers, more than man and woman but man and woman combined. The ultimate omega and alpha. Soon you will paint me Kuba. Your souls have combined and together will share eternity as one. Your existence on earth will be comfortable, your purpose is to maintain love of self of each other and of God, for as his children you shall play in heaven and earth. Husband and Wife Celestial, Heavenly”. Body is a map of Adam Kadmon. Each a microcosm of the macrocosm. Each singing is harmony.You and Kuba are very important love is the key to ascension.”

Charmaine:”Why are we so important?”

Adam Kadmon:”Because of your ability to love one another”.

ADAM KADMON – ‘Who he is’, ‘Body of Christ’ ‘ The Ascension’ – 

(transcribed from a recording) January 11th 2009

I decided to make things easier and clearer by recording the channeling as it came through. Soon we established an interesting dialogue with Adam Kadmon. In the connection Charmaine clearly sees the body of Adam and with great curiosity I try to visualize what she is shown.

Adam Kadmon: “Some call me Cosmic Man some call me ‘The Man of Humanity’. The importance is in knowing I am you, that you are me. The energetics and frequencies is the only thing that separates us. This is the answer to your question Charmaine” (in response to a question regarding the universe, energies etc.)

Kuba: “Have I started painting him? Or am I going to begin?”

Adam Kadmon: You have started’.

Kuba: ‘Am I going to be making those panels?’

Adam Kadmon: “You will know when it is complete. I don’t want to confuse you with too much information. At this point in time Kuba you have chosen to paint him unconsciously for your own reasons- meaning that you will not be consciously creating him.’ Charmaine explains: ‘You know when you are painting you go into your own, and then all of a sudden you see a picture. It’s not like you have the intention and you know what you are creating in every present moment. It’s like creating something when you are painting and then Wow! I did that. Almost like coming from an unconscious place”

Adam Kadmon:“That is only a choice. If you choose to want to paint consciously as in being aware at the present moment, you have that option as well”.

Kuba: “I’d like to do that.”

Charmaine: “I’m just getting activations coming through. I’m just seeing something at the moment, energetic man thing Im just tuning in.”

Kuba: “Must be Adam Kadmon”.

Charmaine:”Im seeing it in all these different fragments.”

Kuba: “Can you describe what you are seeing?”

Charmaine: “It’s like a big fire-ball of energy from a distance, when you zoom in its like colors and pods and stuff. You know those pods that you see in that book. I’m seeing all of that and Im seeing rays coming out and the spectrums that are moving around. Its really weird.”

Kuba:”What about the brightest part is it around the head or the heart/ Chest area?”

Charmaine: “I’m getting the chest and heart area. Which illuminates up and out and around it’s like…”

Kuba:”Are his legs straight out, are they straightened?”

Charmaine: “I don’t see it like that its just energy fields. I can see the human form but its not like a human body that its defined. I look at my human body or hand and I look at him and its like a radiance of energies almost like fireballs, the energy of fire and brightness.”

Kuba: “Which colors?”.

Charmaine: “Well its a spectrum, its bright, its white. The white is like a yellowy-white colour. Kind of a star kind of a look. Its not like a star thats lunar, but a star thats a sun star. Golden sort of energy but theres all spectrums sort of around it.”

Kuba: “Is it in darkness? In the cosmos?”

Charmaine:”Yes its in a cosmos. I see like a rainbow going in a diamond shape going up in the centre of his body….No its like in a chakra thing.”

Kuba: “Can you zoom in and see what hes made of?’

Charmaine: “Tiniest bits of energy and things, colors”.

Kuba: “Try to zoom in on on of those bits and see what is it. Is it made of humans?”

Charmaine: “Its not made of humans but you can see the shapes, the fabric.”

Adam Kadmon: “The human form, the linkages that you see that people draw with humans connecting to each other, its a symbol of the connection of humanity. You draw a human being connecting to another human being connecting to another human being which create this grid thing. Its actually showing you symbolically that we are all connected.”

Kuba: “So it’s a symbol it’s not an actual structure?”

Charmaine: “Its a symbol its not an actual structure”.

Kuba: “It’s what i’ve been confused about for such a long time.”

Charmaine: “It’s a symbol, it’s like when you see a human being it’s showing you in actual fact those energy lines and a lot of the fabric of the universe and crofts and leylines and things like that; but they are not made up of humans, they are made up of lines and colors. But when you see that human being, that symbol, its showing you, its like a sub-conscious thing that we are all connected. Its trying to show you we are all connected and by putting human beings in the place of lines its showing the connectedness of everything that is.”

Kuba:”I want to ask is Adam Kadmon the body of heaven?”

Charmaine: “Im getting yes”.

Kuba: “Is Christ in the heart of heaven?”

Charmaine/Adam Kadmon: “He is more than in the heart he is everywhere”

Kuba: ‘What is ‘Cosmic Christ?Is Cosmic Christ Adam Kadmon or are the two different?’

Charmaine/Adam Kadmon:”Cosmic Christ is a higher conscious awareness. Its like Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Christ consciousness its going out into the cosmos its going out into the cosmic energy. I’m getting its all energetics all meaning the same thing but different interpretations, different words”.

Kuba: “Is the being that we know as The Father Creator is He located in the body of Adam or is Adam inside His body? Or is this beyond comprehension?”

Charmaine: “Inside his body and beyond comprehension. Adam Kadmon is inside Creator’s body.”

Kuba: “And we are also inside Adam Kadmon?”.

Charmaine: “Yes”

Kuba: “It’s like a holographic matrix of some type”.

Charmaine: “I’m getting yeah”.

Kuba: “An infinite loop. And when you go to the centre of yourself and the centre of your heart do you find Adam Kadmon in there?”.

Charmaine: “I’m getting that not everyone has the Adam Kadmon Template activated.”

Kuba: “I want to ask why does he want the painting to be called ‘The Vine of Adam? Does it resemble a vine or is it symbolic?”.

Charmaine: “Symbolic and its linking, growing”.

Adam Kadmon: “Have trust Kuba you have all the answers within, keep working on your heart. Keep working on your own genetic template”.

Kuba: “Do I need to open myself up to his energy or can he work on it while i am unaware of it.”

Adam Kadmon: “Both.”

Kuba: “So I can invite these activations?”

Adam Kadmon:“Yes”.

Kuba: “Are there other individuals who are incarnate beings of Adam Kadmon consciousness?”.

Adam Kadmon: “Many, many.”

Kuba: “Have I met them?”.

Adam Kadmon:”No, not physically”.

Kuba: “Am I one of them?”

Adam Kadmon: “The choice is yours you can choose to embody it”.

Kuba: “What are the positives and negatives of embodying this energy? Does it mean dissolution of the Self?”

Adam Kadmon:”There are no negatives just positives. All is love Kuba how can there be negatives? You are now creating duality between all there is and all you think there is.”

Kuba: “I guess what I’m worried about is does embodying this have a….. ”

Adam Kadmon: “You need to overcome your fears and doubts”.

Kuba: “Is the mind capable of embodying this? It won’t destroy the mind?”.

Adam Kadmon: “Your Higher Self will only allow enough light and enough activations in for your best and highest good. It would not allow any more than that. Your Higher Self always switches off when you cannot take any more light when you cannot take any more frequency. It part of your template. No human being can take more than its able to receive. That means everything in the universe is the same. Anything in the universe that calls for Creator or calls for more light, more frequency will only receive the amount that it is capable of withstanding at that particular moment in time.”

Charmaine: “I’m getting you are in fear of the ascension. I’m getting to ask you to release your fears to the Creator.”

Adam Kadmon:”The ascension is not what you think it is Kuba.”

Kuba: “Can they tell me what it is?”

Adam Kadmon: “It is the rise in energetics on the earth. It is withstanding a larger frequency of love vibration on the earth. There will be a time when humans realize that their minds can create and they will begin to realize this. As opposed to unconscious creation more and more people are awakening to the conscious creation of their minds”.

Kuba: “And it will reach a threshold is it?”


Charmaine: “They are just doing some healing on me….they are doing something with me at the moment.”

Kuba: “How is Christ related to Adam Kadmon?”.

Charmaine: “…a teacher while Adam is more of a template”.

Kuba: “What is the ‘Body of Christ’?”.

Adam Kadmon: “Symbolic energetic terms.”

Kuba: “Is it related to Adam Kadmon?”

Adam Kadmon: “Yes it is related to Adam Kadmon.”

Charmaine:’ “I’m also getting it’s like one and the same. You have Archangel Micheal and you have Archangel Raphael, both are angels, both are archangels both have the same frequency of light but both have different duties, different orders, no same orders. It’s like Adam Kadmon and Jesus are like from the same order, the same light but different duties… but they are one and the same. You could almost say that Archangel Micheal, Raphael, Uriel are all one and the same because they are all from the same Archangel order, that is their Ray, and within that Ray they all have different duties. Archangel Michael’s duties are different to Raphael’s and Uriel’s”.

Kuba: “They are saying this?”

Charmaine:’ Thats what I’m getting from Creator, this is why you say they are one and the same because they are from the same level but they have different duties. Adam Kadmon and Jesus are from the same….

Kuba: “How is Adam Kadmom a separate sort of intelligence? How can I communicate with him as a personality when he is a collective of souls? Is he both? Is he the sum of his own parts, negative and positive, people that are good and bad, the oneness of humanity or..?”

Charmaine: “I’m getting like collective consciousness. As he moves through his own work within himself he is moving things throughout the collective of humanity as well. In the whole. The thing is you can connect with him. Its like connecting to Creator or connecting to Jesus. Jesus had his own stuff too, everyone in creation has had his own stuff to work through and to deal with. The more you connect to Creator the more you move through anything that is unloving the closer you get to the truth and the closer you get to who you are.”

Charmaine: “Are you afraid of Adam or afraid you are not worthy of Adam Kadmon or something?”

Kuba: “Maybe I have a few worthiness issues with him”.

Charmaine: “Yeah I’m getting that they are telling me that. You got to work on that.

Kuba: “He just seems so big”.

Charmaine: “An ant would say the same to you, know what I mean?”

Kuba: “Yeah :)”

Charmaine: “He is asking what is it you really want to know?”

Kuba: “I want to know why? Why me?”.

Adam Kadmon: ‘As opposed to who every other person?’

Kuba: “Yes”.

Adam Kadmon: “There are many that have written about me that have drawn me that have attempted to translate, transcribe and channel. So now what is your question?”.

Kuba:” I don’t know, I’ve asked so many questions now i just want to paint him'”.

Adam Kadmon:  “Kuba you need to work on your worthiness issues around me. On some level you feel you are not worthy to paint me. You ask why when there are so many artists out there that are talented”.

Kuba: “Maybe nobody is interested in him that much. No one focusses their mind and no one believes in him”.

Adam Kadmon: “You are making judgements, there are those that believe in me, maybe no one that you know of but there are, many. It is not that I have chosen you it is a mutual decision between both.Y ou have asked of me many questions, you have asked of me this many many times. 

This is something that the both of us have chosen to do together.”

Kuba:”Before I incarnated?”

AK: “Yes”

Kuba:’ Is Adam Kadmon masculine and feminine?’

Adam Kadmon: “Masculine.”

Kuba: “Does he have a feminine counterpart?”

Adam Kadmon: “Yes”

Kuba: “What is her name?”

Charmaine:”I’m getting the name ‘Sophia’ but then Im getting its not, hang on…Im getting I need to clear up some stuff within me about channeling. Im not getting a clear answer, Im getting a few names but my own stuff is coming up because of my own thing about channeling and getting the messages correct. Adam is just working with me now trying to clear those.

Kuba: “Is it ‘Shekinah’ something like that?”.

Charmaine: “No.”

Kuba: “Is she known under different traditions?”

Charmaine: “Im getting a no”.

Kuba: “What does she represent?'”

Charmaine:”It’s like she represents the body…cosmic body but she represents it in ….”


Charmaine: “It’s like feelings and emotions, movement”.

Kuba:”Is it the collective emotional body of mankind?”

Charmaine: “Not of mankind. (pause) I’m getting connected with her energy now something has just really changed as we have invited this now. Starts with ‘s’ though, I can’t pronounce it.”

Kuba:”Is it a Jewish term in the Kabbalah, is it mentioned in the Kabbalah?”.

Charmaine: “I’m getting a pain in my chest now something is happening”.

Kuba: “She is doing a healing on you”.

Charmaine: “I can feel it”.

Kuba: “She is preparing your body to embody her energy”.

Charmaine: “I feel my heart is going to stop. Im getting heart pulsations”.

Kuba: “You’re ok she will take care of you”.

Charmaine: “I can feel my whole heart beat slowing down”.

Kuba: “Are you getting any feelings?”

Charmaine: “Yeah like really big emotions, I said I’ve never done this before and as I did she’s surrendered all of herself into me or I’ve surrendered all of myself into her. I can feel my heart beat going slower and slower…”

Kuba: “Can you ask her her name? Can you connect to her when you want to?”

Charmaine: “She’s come into my womb now”.

Kuba:”Is she related to the Mother of All That Is?”

Charmaine: “Of course. She is showing me that we all have different gifts. Some resonate more with the Mother some resonate more with God some resonate more with The Heart. We all come from different orders….Her energy is really cooling and soft. Silvery sparkles.”

Kuba: “If Adam Kadmon is like a solar golden energy she would be like a lunar silvery sort of energy.”

Charmaine: “I’m also getting silver energy. I can actually see her now. She has this white silvery color and she has like really swirly. He was like a fire kind of an energy. I see her moving like the ocean, the ocean moves in waves I see her body doing that. I see her ‘Goddess’ aspect.”.

Kuba: “Is she like Venus or something? Is she represented in mythology?”

Charmaine:”I’m getting yes she has had many forms, some of us have been given different names but all the one being. She is saying it is us humans that give us names sometimes in channelings because they don’t recognize us for being who they think we are and they kind of give us a name”.

Kuba: “What is her name? Can she tell you?”

Charmaine: “Starts with ‘A’ (pause) My heart, I’m so concerned about my heart at the moment.”

Kuba: “How does she interact with Adam Kadmon?”

——recording ended……

Adam Kadmon – January 15th 2009

Around midday we receive a message from Adam Kadmon telling me that I will be getting upgrades on the physical and etheric bodies over the next few days.

Adam Kadmon / Metatron – May 24th 2009

Adam Kadmon: “Kuba you need to have more confidence in your painting“.

Metatron: (To Charmaine) “You will be prepared as a channel to do God’s work.” Message to sit at the desk. Charmaine will receive channellings from Sananda. Sananda appears.

Adam Kadmon: (Activated our Adam Kadmon Templates)

You are now part of the One. Welcome“.

The Adam Kadmon Meditation

I’d been writing this very book in my small one bedroom rental shack in Kuranda, surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest. I felt like it was nearing completion yet one important aspect was still missing. Adam was yet to give us an activation which could be shared with those wishing to activate their personal Adam Kadmon Template. I connected with his energy and Adam shared the following simple mediation:

If you would like to do this meditation then make yourself comfortable and close your eyes…..

“In order to activate one’s Adam Kadmon Template one needs to be still. 

Breathe in the light of the Creator and connect with your heavenly Maker.

If it is easier for you, visualize the throne of the Creator before you and feel it’s light and love. Ask now the Creator if it is in your best and highest good to receive the gift of this activation of your Divine Adam Kadmon Blueprint.

If you get a yes and feel that it is the perfect time for you, thank the Creator for this gift. Visualize or feel the Creator realigning your energetic blueprint and upgrading it to the perfected image of the Adam Kadmon structure. Take a moment to feel the unity and oneness which now surrounds us in this great matrix of light. Feel the connection to unconditional love which is always there for you. When you are ready visualize yourself returning to your body. Allow a moment before opening your eyes. Now that your Template has been activated you may find a greater sense of connection with the light of Creator’s universal love. Thank you my Children of Light”

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