Journey deeper into Symbolism – both in Art and in Life

May 20th – June 21st, 2019
During this 5-week journey of discovery, you will be invited to create a work of art based on an inner quality or attribute which you wish to cultivate in yourself, such as Strength, Love, Wisdom, Hope, Justice, Courage or whatever your heart desires.  

Together, we will look into the origins of vision, the sources of inspiration and how we can best facilitate the process of birthing an imaginative work of art. 

The Collective Journey

Through a series of meditations and exercises, you will be encouraged to visualize your inner quality or attribute and portray it in a symbolic way.

The main focus of the five weeks will be the creation of an oil and egg tempera painting on wooden panel, using Kuba’s approach to the Mischtechnik

After Amanda Sage’s introduction to this technique in its casein variation, Kuba will deepen your knowledge of the Mischtechnik with egg tempera – making the egg tempera mixture yourself according to your preferred consistency

You will be guided step-by-step through the process, which enables the artist to achieve striking effects of luminosity, translucence & precision

Uplevel Your Skills

Explore key approaches to painting which lead the artist from the initial conception of the work to its harmonic composition and finely-balanced completion.

You will learn:

  • Drawing basics with a focus on line, tone, contrast and proportion
  • The constructive drawing technique
  • Panel preparation
  • Armature & compositional techniques 
  • Colour harmony & temperature
  • Oil paints & pigments – their history & use
  • Medium preparation: solvents, oils & varnishes
  • Colour mixing & a limited palette 
  • Egg tempera preparation & use
  • Demos on how to render various forms in nature
  • Glazing & scumbling methods
  • Creating atmospheric depth 
  • Alla Prima direct painting 
  • Sacred art & devotion – then & now
  • Creative visualization techniques for exploring the imagination
  • Traditional art materials & studio practice
  • Methods for expanding the heart & creativity
  • Art as a vocation 

For Beginners and Advanced Students:

This course is structured to accomodate both the beginner and those with some previous painting experience. Beginners will be introduced to the benefits of painting in oils and working with egg tempera. Advanced students will have the chance to explore new variations in the Mischtechnik, working with a variety of approaches from random forms to planned harmonious compositions.

Kuba explains

“My goal as a teacher has been to transmit those keys and tools which have been most vital in my own craft, in the most clear and concise way possible. Classes are structured to encourage students to expand their vision, develop their technical abilty and express their visual language. I am passionate about the revival of sacred art and the use of art as a devotional practice.”

To sign up for the spring trimester with Kuba visit the Vienna Academy of Visionary homepage here.


2018 – ‘Visions in the Mischtechnik’ 3 week summer seminar in Torri Superiore, Italy

2018 – ‘Painted Prayers’ Hoogstraten, Belgium 6 day art workshop

2018 – ‘Light & Fire’ 5 day mischtechnik course in Vienna, Austria

2018 – ‘Plein Air Vienna’ Two day allaprima painting workshop, Vienna

2017 – ‘Dream Icons’ Anan Cara, Belgium

2017 – ‘Dream Icons’ Vienna, Austria

2017 – ‘Painted Prayers’ Anam Cara, Belgium

2016 – ‘Visions of Grace’ 14 day painting retreat at Anam Cara, Belgium

2016 – ‘Vienna Academy of Visionary Art’ 9 week autumn trimester workshop with Vera Atlantia

2015 – ‘Painted Prayers’ weekend courses at Anam Cara, Belgium

2015 – ‘Art in Paradise’ 10 day painting retreat Byron Bay Hinterland, Paradise One

2015 – ‘Vienna Academy of Visionary Art’ 9 week winter trimester workshop with Vera Atlantia

2013 – ‘Vienna Academy of Visionary Art’ 3 day workshop with Vera Atlantia, David Heskin and Aloria Weaver

2012 – ‘Inspire – Torri Superiore’ Workshop as part of the Expanded Visions in the Misch Technik – Torri Superiore, Italy

2012 ‘Sacred Visions’ – 4 Day Workshop Melbourne – teaching with Daniel Mirante

2012 ‘Sacred Realms’ – 5 Day workshop – Donvale, Melbourne – teaching with Daniel Mirante

2011 ‘InSpire Cairns’ teaching automatic drawing techniques

2011 ‘Alchemy of Art Retreat’, Ubud Bali – 10 day retreat teaching the mische technique